Securus Technologies Cannot Stomach More of GTL Fraud

Securus Technologies will be releasing a series of additional reports on Global Tel Link integrity breaches over the coming six months. Securus said their reports would provide in details facts, findings, and articles about the GTL’s wrongdoings. Securus Technologies said this in a press release representing one of a series of items they intend to publish.

Richard Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies, said in the press release that out of his love for the industry he would not sit and watch as their integrity is thrown to the dogs. Richard says that all industry players as they focus on serving law enforcement, inmates, corrections, family members and the whole society should have their best interest at heart and in the right way. But GTL has not been doing this.

Securus says that they will review a series of wrongdoings and potential wrongdoings by GTL SO as to shame GTL and have them acting with higher integrity. The first review will be done in a 17-page order no. U-20784-B. The order is from the Louisiana Public Service Commission on GTL actions during their term with Louisiana Department of Corrections when they are said to have provided outbound to inmates.

The Louisiana PSC found that GTL was involved in four practices, unauthorized advancing of clocks, high rating of calls, artificial inflation of client’s charges, and multiple billing of calls hence overcharging taxpayers. Despite the order being dated 21st January 1998 a whole 18 years ago, GTL has continued with its wrongdoings of fraudulently overcharging their clients. According to Richard this actions are tainting the image of the industry and should be stopped with immediate effect.

Securus Technologies, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, serves more than 3450 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies and more than 1200000 inmates in North America. The technology company was founded in 1986 and has regional offices in Allen, Texas, and Atlanta.

Securus provides its clients with emergency response, inmate self-service, public information, incident management, biometric analysis, investigation, information management, communication and monitoring products and services in a quest to make the world a safe place to live. The firm employs more than 1000 people.

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Skout Celebrates Superhero Day with a Survey and Giving Back


Skout has decided to celebrate National Superheroes Day in honor of real life heroes. This global app, which allows you to expand your social circle, decided to fund a foundation that gives real life heroes some money to help them with their mission. How can you help? On April 28, every time you give a friend a virtual superhero themed gift, they will donate a portion of the proceeds to Make A Wish. They will keep donating until the wish is fulfilled.

Superhero Day is not the first time Skout has utilized its virtual gift app to make donations to noble causes in the community. They have used portions of the proceeds to help animals, like Muttville and CatTown and combat hunger in an around the San Fransisco area. This community conscious app truly has reinvested their profits back into the community, helping to feed the community and keep pets healthy with wellness exams.

Another superhero sized activity that Skout is sponsoring is a superhero survey with no so surprising results. Nearly 3/4 people surveyed said that helping others is all it takes to be a superhero. With a not so astonishing 80% saying they wish they were superheroes in real life. Other results were for entertainment purposes, with women choosing Batman as their favorite and men choosing Superman as their favorite.

Skout is a large global communication platform that is connected to FaceBook that helps people to easily connect and meet others. It is a social networking site that allows be a safe platform to meet. It is available in more than 180 countries and 16 languages. The app is a free IOS download and it allows people to meet and exchange pictures.

Many of the fun social activities cost no money to use, but there are some pay for features if the person wishes to expand their usage. The games allow people who are strangers to break the ice and expand their social circle. They desire to help others meet in a way that is safe and easy to connect.
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